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Setting up Bulb Energy in Your New Home!

Setting up bulb energy in your new home!

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Setting up Bulb Energy in Your New Home! Moving into a new home brings great opportunities. Opportunities to reinvent yourself and redefine your home aesthetic. Opportunities to make new memories with the peopl...

Buy actis hybris honeycomb insulation

Buy actis hybris honeycomb insulation

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Buy actis hybris honeycomb insulationHYBRIS is an innovative insulation material for timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, ceiling and suspended timber floor applications.HYBRIS is a reflective insulation product based on a honeycomb structure made of shaped polyethylene ...

How the Right Insulation For Your Home Can Help You Achieve Energy Efficiency

How the right insulation for your home can help you achieve energy efficiency

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How the Right Insulation For Your Home Can Help You Achieve Energy EfficiencyIn the battle for energy efficiency, every household is a potential soldier. We’re all doing our part to reduce the amount of energy we use, driving down our household’s carbon footprints even as we drive down our energy bi...

Insulationbee online insulation London

Insulationbee online insulation london

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Its our Bee Birthday !2 year anniversary Over 600 clients300+ ReviewsDozens of collaborations!!!A big thanks to all our clients and everybody involved for making this possible.Insulationbee LTD For a quote please contact our friendly support team at [email protected], by calling 02...

Buy Isover Styrodur 3000 CS Extruded Polystyrene Board

Buy isover styrodur 3000 cs extruded polystyrene board

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The innovative universal thermal insulation board. 30mm Styrodur 3000CS is an extruded polystyrene board with a constant thermal conductivity of 0.033W/mK across the whole range of thicknesses available (30-240mm). As well as the excellent insulation properties Isover Styrodur 30...

Internal Wall Insulation Guide

Internal wall insulation guide

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Insulating the internal walls could make a big impact on annual heating bills, but requires careful consideration prior to installation. Energy efficiency expert Tim Pullen explains all in our ultimate guide to internal wall insulation.Click here to check our section for wall Insulation  ...

Versapanel Cement Bonded Particle Board

Versapanel cement bonded particle board

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Versapanel Cement Bonded Particle BoardVersapanel Cement Bonded Particle Board is a cement bonded particle board intended for both internal and external use which has very high levels of performance in the presence of moisture and has high resistance to fire.Versapanel confo...

Buy Kingspan Kooltherm K107 Pitched Roof Board

Buy kingspan kooltherm k107 pitched roof board

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Premium performance pitched roof insulationKingspan Kooltherm K107 Pitched Roof Board is a premium performance insulation with a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic core.It is used to insulate pitched roofs, ceilings and attic spaces, and has a thermal conductivity of just 0.018 W/m.K acro...

Buy Xtratherm Thin-R xt-tl Thermal Liner Dot And Dab

Buy xtratherm thin-r xt-tl thermal liner dot and dab

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XT/TL Insulation for Drylining Walls Fixed with Adhesive Dabs By XtrathermXtratherm Thin-R Thermal Liner Dot & Dab XT/TL is a composite insulated panel of Xtratherm PIR insulation core with a composite kraft facing bonded to 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard for internal applications, fixed with ...

Cordek Cellcore HX S Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs

Cordek cellcore hx s reinforced concrete floor slabs

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Thickness: 90mm, 160mm, 225mm Grades: 7-10, 9-13, 13-18, 18-24, 24-32 Width: 1200mm Length: 2400mm Void Dimension (mm): 50 Plasticity Index: 10-20 Shrinkage Category: Low Board coverage: 2.88m2 Links to buy - UK only90mm Cordek Cellcore HX S reinforc...